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"Tony Warren really knows his stuff! The demonstrations were great, lots of energy and he gives it his all. I learned a lot from Tony."

Valerie Hoste, 2024 Lexington, MI

"I don't care how long you have been on your creative journey, Tony will have information and instruction that will be helpful and new. This is info you can use. His presentations are sharp and understandable for every level of student. He is a wonderful communicator and speaks to you, not at you. His critiques are genuine and still sensitive. If you need a boost of encouragement - you need to learn to paint fearlessly."

Lucienne Kiefer, 2024 Lexington, MI

"Tremendous depth of knowledge shared freely with all of us! Easy to understand the purpose of each technique Tony shared with us, as well as there importance. He met everyone's individual needs and also challenged all of us to leave our comfort zone to learn so much more. Never felt embarrased or inept with my painting abilities and was given the confidence to continue my journey with watercolor. It was so much fun and hope he returns to the area in the future. I would love the opportunity to continue to learn more from his wealth of knowledge and demonstrations. Keep Lexington in mind for future workshops."

Cheryle Wesley, 2024 Lexington, MI

"Your method of teaching and sharing your knowledge with us has been great. I would not change your method at all. Thanks for a great 3 days of fun learning and for my wonderful 'Buddy Junior' painting. I can't wait to see it matted and hanging on the wall in my art "Studio" - true inspiration."

Sharon Turner, 2024 Lexington, MI

"Even though it was short notice, I'm very happy I made this work in my schedule. I've learned a lot more about not having fear. I'm going to put my palette together to make it easier to grab the paint. I can see that having a flat brush and how to use it will make a difference in the outcome. I really like creating a painting in a short amount of time. I believe it will help me not muddy up my painting. Thanks for your workshop! (I learned 50% white!!)."

Larry J. Adams, 2024 Lexington, MI

"Tony is very passionate about teaching. He really "truly" cares about us as students learning basic techniques. He uses exercisess, demonstrations and written material to get the points across. I loved that he gives us "takehome" painting that he has done for us from photos of our own stash that are meaningful to us. Tony is very personable and has a great sense of humor."

Donna Benoit, 2024 Lexington, MI

"Tony Warrens approach to teaching watercolor painting is based on understanding fundamental techniques. What looks to be complicated and difficult is reduced to simple, easy to use steps. The results produce vibrant and clean colors, not the muddy overworked stuff I tend to produce. How refreshing it is to have things explained."                

                                                                                                      Rod Gibeau, 2019 Petoskey, MI

"Tony Warrens ability to teach is expansive and always amazing. He is an accomplished master in many different media, providng a stunning finish to any endeavor. His desire to create is contagious; coming away from a class leaves joy and an always better appreciation and understanding of watercolor." 

Glenda Sinnamon, 2019 Shelby Twp., MI

"Tony Warren is a great watercolor artist. I attended his class for over 5 years. He is a great teacher, giving each student the guidance they need. He is a Master Artist, and a great person."

Beryl Skamiera, (Artist for over 40 years)2019 Marine City, MI 

"Having the luxury of 5 days in a workshop with fewer than 10 people was rare, and doing it with a teacher of Tony Warren's skills, experience and passion was unique. My goals were easily met by the end of the week. I was staying up late at night to paint more after class!"

Hugh McKinnon, 2017 Petoskey, MI

"Learned to simplify compositions. Learned a lot by observing and having Tony critique my own paintings in class. Center of interest! Forget small brushes." 

Lynn Cowles, 2017 Petoskey, MI

"Excellent class. Felt the instructor truly wanted us to learn and improve. Have never had such attention or had such an enthusiastic instructor. Have learned more in this workshop than any other I have attended. Looking forward to your teaching in Mission Texas at Hildagp Watercolor Society in 2020."                                                                                           Joyce Capen, 2017 Petoskey, MI

"Format is great. I learn from the demonstrations - even when you don't talk. A lot of it is visual for me. Individual critique is valuable."                                                      Jim Shrier, 2017 Petoskey, MI

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and techniques. My 'take aways' are center of interest - close in on it, directional thrust, sharp edges and duller in the background."

Elain Smiley, 2017 Petoskey, MI

"You are the greatest!! Bottom line, Tony, is that you have a gifted talent, and your work has and will continue to have a profound positive emotional impact on anyone who is lucky enough to be on the receiving end."                                                             Vince C. Bandurski, 2001, Grand Blanc, MI


"Tony Warren has been teaching as an independent water color teacher at our store for over 5 years. During his tenure at CREATIVE CORNER, he has developed and maintained a serious following of watercolor artists, who think he is the greatest. His classes have remained full with a waiting list for over 98% for the past 5 years. The students have agreed totally that they have learned more than they had hoped for due to his efforts in the classroom."

John Howington, 1995, Owner of CREATIVE CORNER, Romeo, MI

"Mr. Warren has the God given talent to make people excel their best and students always leave his class feeling pride in their own work as well as a new found respect for the talents and gifts of Mr. Warren."                                Kathleen Trondle, 1995 Educational Director "MICHAELS", Shelby Twp. ,MI

"Tony has worked in my store as an art teacher for the past two years. He teaches a watercolor class in our store. The class Tony teaches is at the level of a college art course, both through its professionalism and knowledge that our students obtain. Tonys classes are well thougt of in the local art community and are well sought after. We always have a waiting list for them. It's a sincere pleasure to have Tony active in our art program here at Michaels."

Diane DeBruin Kovach, 1993 Manager "MICHAELS", Shelby Twp., MI


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