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   Demonstrations are the backbone of my teaching style. People learn by watching, doing, and repetition gaining confidence one stroke at a time. After observing for years demos that never got finished, I told myself that given the chance I would change all that. I do a lot of 90 minute demonstrations that go from blank paper to framed art all in front of a live audience.  Well over half the paintings on this site are demonstrations, even on my TV show most paintings were done in less than an hour with little to no editing. The moral of the story is pros live by their watches and know that the less you fiddle with a painting the better the results. In a typical workshop I do lots of individual problem solving demos, each student can learn to express themselves and not suffer with technique. Painting needs to be fun with confidence not labor with fear.

  You will experience the magic of creating something from scratch and watching the painting come together right in front of you. I make it both captivating to do and captivating to watch. The beauty of a demo is you don't have the time to perfect a painting; you are limited and have to show with a few brush strokes the big picture; that's what makes winning paintings! Professionals know that less is more and better paintings and awards are the result.

   Demos are sheer joy and entertainment. It's learning to do something you didn't think you could do. The whole point of a demonstration is to teach people they can do the same thing you do. I made my reputation in art by doing demonstrations. To observe it in real life in front of you, to see the technical aspects easily explained and executed is real magic. After doing demonstrations all day in a workshop and feeling exhausted, I'm not happy unless my students have gotten every ounce of energy that I have to give. I want every person to want to race home to paint and say "WOW, best time I ever had painting!", then share it with others to pay the experience forward.

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